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About Us

Originally a well kept secret among friends, Port Kinsale Marina & Resort's reputation has grown with the expansion of its facilities and guests' services. Guests have been coming back for years to simply unwind and to enjoy the amenities of our beautiful resort on the banks of the Yeocomico. Outstanding personal service from our dedicated staff ensures that your stay with us will be a pleasurable one.

Port Kinsale was founded in the 1940's by Linton S. Evans. From what is known, Mr. and Mrs. Evans capitalized the entire marina on two thousand dollars. In the late 60's. Mrs. Evan's sold it to Cecil Brown. Mr. & Mrs. Brown ran the marina up to the late 1970's when it was it was sold to Peter & Lynn Domas. The 1980's were not the best for the economy or the marina business and unfortunately the marina was forced into bankruptcy in the mid- 1990's. In 1996 a business man from Washington D.C. named Marty Miller acquired the marina at auction. Marty's goal was to rebuild the marina to what it had been and take it to new levels. Word has it that there were two boats at the marina the day of the bankruptcy auction.

Marty did many things, but the two most important things he did were the restoration of an old fisherman's hotel, today known as the Skipjack Inn, and the complete restoration of the historic Virginia W. Skipjack Boat, 100 years old October 2004.

Marty made a big decision to sell the marina and had many offers that he walked away from. Marty was most concerned with the future of the facility and he wanted it to go forward.

In the Spring of 2004 the marina was purchased by Port Kinsale Marina LLC. The ownership group of Port Kinsale Marina LLC is now comprised of Rod Porter, Devon Porter, and Georgia Derrico.

The owners' objective is to make Port Kinsale Marina an upscale destination resort for boaters, for Virginia residents and locals looking for a place to keep their boats, stay for a weekend or just enjoy themselves.

We welcome you to come experience the beauty of the Northern Neck. Boat and stay awhile... Port Kinsale Marina & Resort.



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Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce

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